How It All Started

In 2018, we opened Midwest Pest Solutions, LLC. With a combined 12+ years of experience in the pest control industry, we wanted to be able to still do what we love but also have an opportunity for a work/life balance because we believe family comes first. Yours and ours. We wanted to implement a different pest control approach by offering a unique customer experience in the pest control industry. We do this by offering you

  • A pest management plan that is specific to your current pest problem and does not push you to sign any type of contract
  • A thorough service; which means we don’t rush through your service and take the time to solve the issues at hand, even if it takes a little more time and effort
  • Top-notch customer service!

What Keeps Me Motivated

At Midwest Pest Solutions, LLC we love the pest control industry and we have a passion for the work we do. What motivates us is seeing the relief we offer customers by taking care of their pest control needs and seeing how many friendships we have made by running this company.

We get excited with each customer referral and customer compliment which motivates us to push forward each and every day.

What I Am Most Looking Forward To

We are looking forward to keeping the relationships we have with our current customers but also growing our business and creating new relationships.


Diana & Jhovany Gaytan
Midwest Pest Solutions, LLC

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Diana Gaytan


Jhovany Gaytan



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